E Hula Mai has performed in the Rio Grande Valley at conventions, private parties, Louie's Backyard as regular entertainers, RV parks, and special events and gatherings. The shows consist of authentic costumes and hulas. The top show will always include a full Polynesian review including Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand (Maori) and Tahiti.

Some members of the group have traveled to these and islands and through the years have attended seminars with instructors from the islands. The kumu hula's from Hawaii have included: Kalanikau Awai, George Holoka, Keali'i Reichel, Chinky Mahoe, Sonny Ching, Moon Kauakali, Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu, Mapuana de Silva, Mililani Allen, Carmen Haugh, Vicky Holt Takamine, Kaulana Kasparovitch. Tahiti include: Karo, Roiti Sylva, Van Kaili Francisco. Samoa include Pulifano Galei'i, Gabriel Gafoa. Maori includes Cathy Terupaia, Auntie Linda, Sylvanna Tahauri.

The group has spent many years perfecting the art of hula because of the love for hula and the mana that comes through performing. The desire to share the Hawaiian culture through the art of the dances of the Polynesian people.

E Hula Mai
South Padre Island Hula Dancers



When watching a hula show and seeing all of the beautiful hula dancers gracefully moving and swaying their hips to the tropical Island music, you can quickly begin to wonder the history and culture behind this beautiful dance. Hula originates from the Hawaiian Islands and is a dance accompanied by chant or song (mele). The hula dancers use their hands, face, and eyes to tell the story of this mele. There are two main forms of hula. The first form of hula is the ancient hula, or hula kahiko, which is accompanied by chant and hula implements such as the ipu heke. The modern hula, or hula 'auana, is accomopanied by modern song and hula instruments such as the ukulele or guitar. The kumu hula is the teacher and source of knowledge for the halau (the school of hula). For more information on Halau Hula O' South Padre please visit our hula lessons page or call the Laguna Madre Yoga and Dance Center at (956)761-YOGA.