South Padre Island Texas Surfing Pictures

Mansfield Jan 22, 2006

A few pictures from Mansfield and Padre

SPI Jan 18, 2006



Rita photo by Lee

Rita photo by Kevin Tansey

Rita photo by G Scott

Rita photos by Robert Hall

Dolphin Cove - Hurricane Rita 9.23.05 Photo: DoubleJay - "Ain't No Surf In Texas"

Dolphin Cove - Hurricane Rita 9.23.05 Photo: Ernie Villareal

Hurricane Katrina - Monday August 29, 2005


NEW Hurricane Katrina pictures:
-Boca Chica from DoubleJay of Ain't No Surf In Texas - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
-Dolphin Cove by Rachel - 1 2
-Isla Blanca by Paula Lewis - 1 2
-Horace Caldwell Pier by Joe Sulak - 1 2 3
-St. Jo's Island by Paul Kaderli - 1
-Bob Hall Pier by Mark Norris - 1 2 3 4 5 6
-Surfside Beach by Mikhail - 1 2
-Surfside Beach by David Nelson - 1 2 3
-The Morning After
by Mike Daily 1 2

Hurricane Katrina - Photo: Mike Daily

Hurricane Dennis - Monday July 11, 2005
Hurricane Dennis surf on Monday July 11 was some of the biggest cleanest waves many surfers had ever seen in Texas (until Katrina a few weeks later), perfect surf with sets breaking past the end of the jetty near 15' with a few larger sets, clear blue water with calm glassy conditions until afternoon. Thanks to Wade Dunkin for taking out his boat at midday with TANSIT's videographer John Johnson to film this incredible surf to be included in a new Texas surf movie. (JJ is such a classic character, I mentioned that his shots could be in the magazines, he laughed and said "Whatever, no way, these are for all the Texas surfers") Check below for some frame grabs from the video, and pictures from some of the lucky surfers that were here.
HURRICANE DENNIS - July 11, 2005 South Padre Island
Photo: David Ptacnik
Photo: Paul Hornsby
4 Frames below from John Johnson of Aint No Surf In

Below is a video frame grab, we were at
the end of the jetty filming from a boat
around 12:30pm when the horizon darkened,
the buoy disappeared and this massive
cleanup set breaking well past the jetty.
This wave threw out top to bottom into the
biggest most perfect barrel I've ever seen
here, unfortunately we were running full
throttle to escape, the video is very sketchy
but the audio is pretty funny and it will need
to be censored ;) This wave was
approximately 18-20' ...
...This is the third wave of the set.
Notice no surfers anywhere near it, thats
because this set broke 200 yards past the
end of the jetty. Never seen so many boards
tombstone at once. There were at least 4
broken boards Monday, plenty of broken
leashes, and lots of surfers and boards
bashed on the rocks attempting to jetty jump.


Above 8 video frames by Gene. NOTE: These were shot around 12-1pm while I was taking a lunchbreak on Wade
Dunkin's 14' Boston Whaler, the surf had dropped consideraby and the wind was turning onshore so this is not an
accurate portrayal of the incredible surf all morning.

Here's a shot of Dolphin Cove, inside the channel. Click for large image.

Apparently Surfline liked the Hurricane Dennis pictures too

Send in your Dennis stories and pics!

"I drove down from Houston with the wife and kids, skipped work, and caught the single biggest wave of my life. I have been surfing the Texas coast for 22 years and have never seen the waves that big. I would like to thank the surf gods for such a blessing. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone on the outside for being so aware of their surroundings. To all the surfers in the lineup that day, we will always share a special memory. Till the next time.

"...I did see some 10 foot backs that transfered into some 18 foot faces. In my 28 years of surfing SPI that was the sickest I have ever seen.


"you guys are scoring bigg time, ill be there sat or sun hope to bring some waves with me.i was telling bruce grimes about when he and i caught florida all month long with dean, gabrielle, hugo and ivan and a couple others i cant remember bur we had about 50 days of good surf total that summer 1989. well see everyone soon
joey delagarza"

"I ignored your warning and was guilty of jumping off the jetty, however in the short time it took me to walk out- I saw one young surfer get washed over into the channel and get cut up, one surfer get his board washed out of his hands and smash the nose and an ignorant lady face plant into a piling after a wave knocked her feet from under her. This was all in a matter of 15 minutes. I have never been so happy to get off that rock!"

"incredible shots! I flew in from Costa Sunday night after a two week vacation and obviously had to be in the office Monday morning. I caught two nice swells down there but saw nothing like that. So freakin cool to see SPI can handle that kind of size. Wish I could have been there… sure makes me proud yall were!"

Hurricane Emily
Checkout this amazing picture shot at Quintana Jetty across from Surfside Beach, swells from Hurricane Emily reached heights of 15' even on the upper coast.
Photo: Mark Norris

Tropical Storm Arlene Sunday June 12, 2005
Photo: Jason Glascock

Check out these photos submitted by Jeremy...
"Here are some photos of what the waves have been like the last few weeks
when its good. These are all from NW Indiana.....Indiana gets the best waves
on the south part of Lake Michigan. That pic of the iced up surfer is a girl! Don't know her,
but she's one of the only female surfers on southern lake michigan,
and I've seen her out the last few weeks. Water temp is between 32 and 35, it fluctuates a lot
here. There is some ice on the lake, but its not everywhere"

1 2 3 4 5 6

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