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Year-Round Surfing Lessons and Surf Camps at South Padre Island Texas!

2007 Summer Surf Camps
Held Tuesdays and Saturdays 8-11am all summer long!
Call (956) 772-7272 or email for reservations or questions, space is limited to 10 students.

Our very popular day surf camp is designed for beginners of all ages, we'll send you home feeling like a

Camps will be held on Saturdays throughout the year,
at Isla Blanca Beach Park near the jetty. ($4 admission to the park, there are showers, restrooms and snackbar nearby). This is the surfing area of South Padre Island, where the best waves break, it is also the best surf in the entire Gulf of Mexico! The bottom is sand, no rocks or reef, and we teach in shallow water where you can stand up if you need to. You do not even need to know how to swim! We regularly teach children as young as 3-5, (an incredible confidence builder and introduction to the ocean and the waves, we closely and carefully work with each child to ensure a safe & memorable experience) and adults into their 60's, (nothing like seeing your kids face when you tell them you went SURFING!)

Includes use of our surfboards, 3 hours of surfing, paddling, and water safety instruction, T-Shirt, pictures, snacks and drinks, and lunch! The camp is geared for beginners of all ages. Camp size is limited and they book quickly so reserve in advance

We will meet you on the beach at the south end of the Island at Isla Blanca Park. Be on time!
Be sure to arrive at the beach at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson. Get changed into your swimwear, sunblock on, stretch and ready to get in the water BEFORE YOUR LESSON BEGINS. If you are late, unless we are notified your space will be lost to the next scheduled lesson.
After you enter the park drive past the Dolphin Cove then turn in by the big statue. Park in the small parking lot by the rock jetty, you'll see the beach and jetties. Surf camps are held near the jetty. Look for ouryellow truck with bright yellow surfboards, or we may be in the water so walk to the water's edge and you'll see the bright yellow surfboards and students and instructors wearing bright red SPSC rashguards. If you can't find us try our cell phone at 956-433-6439

We supply the surfboards with leash and rashguards. Bring swimwear, towel, and... A BIG SMILE AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!! Students should wear 50SPF waterproof/sweat proof sunblock, the sun in south Texas is HOT! EVERYONE gets a surfboard, you won't be standing around waiting your turn!

We teach you everything you need to know to get started, basic surfing and paddling techniques, surf etiquette, wave knowledge, water safety and rip current info, and more!

•Lessons are taught in shallow water, no students are allowed in water deeper than they can stand up.
Safe Soft Surfboards are used for all lessons, with leashes and soft rubber fins.
(The most common injury in surfing is from being
struck by a hard surfboard.)

Rachel and Gene are highly experienced ocean lifeguards, lifelong surfers, ocean rescue certified and CPR certified water safety experts, you couldn't be in better hands!

Surfing is a pure and healthy high energy physical sport! Paddling out through the waves requires a bit of endurance and lots of energy, (a solid breakfast usually does the trick!) But, even if you are unable to paddle, we will do it for you, and push you into the waves, you can just stand up and enjoy the ride! Swimming laps in a pool is a great way to get physically conditioned, building arm and upper body strength along with stamina. Weightlifting will prepare and strengthen you. Competitive swimmers are usually very quick learners! Skateboarding helps a lot too. Watch some surf videos and get stoked! Also, check out this
area surf information page.

*NOTE: We welcome anyone, regardless of age, physical ability or disability!

Be sure to arrive at the beach at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson. Get changed into your swimwear, sunblock on, stretch and ready to get in the water BEFORE YOUR LESSON BEGINS. If you are late, unless we are notified your space will be lost to the next
scheduled lesson.

Call (956) 772-7272 or email
for re
servations and information

Call now to make your reservations:


Call (956) 772-7272 or email for reservations or questions as space is very limited.

Mansfield Surfari
a private surf adventure camp to Port Mansfield jetties for 2-4 persons.

Overnight camping plus surf instruction and surfboards
Day surfari plus surf instruction and surfboards

Call (956) 772-7272 or email
for much more information.
(Year-round except summer.)

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Other surf camps are held throughout the year,
you can even schedule a private surf camp for your group, ask for availability.

I just wanted to let you know that Jonathan, Elizabeth and I had a wonderful time on New Year’s Day 2005 Surf Camp, and some of the best sleep I have had in months! I did go out the next morning to see the bigger waves, and they were impressive now that I know what to look for, and the optical illusion that the outer break plays on your mind. I can’t wait to go again. Now that I know how physically demanding it can be, I will be better prepared next time. You do not know how badly I wanted to go back to the outer break and catch another one out there, if I only had the conditioning that would have allowed me to do so. I think that this summer I will be able to go back to SPI, and in better condition. Please keep me posted on the days of your camps in 2005, and of anything else of interest. It is always a great experience for me to see an operation that runs very smoothly, and with so much commitment from its members. It is truly satisfying to see people who really enjoy what they do and have such a passion for it that they delight in teaching other people, no matter how hard that may be at times. If I didn’t say that much at the camp and all I had was a smile on my face most of the time, it was because I was admiring your passion and commitment to the sport, to safety, and most of all to your students. You guys were very patient and pleasant with everyone, and can really motivate people. These qualities aren’t things found in everyone I meet!

Thanksgiving Surf Camp was a great experience for some lucky surfers and their families from Houston and Austin! The day before, a very strong cold front with gale force N wind whipped the Gulf into a frenzy with seas running up to 19 feet. It was looking to be a rough cold surf camp, but, one of the most appealing traits of surfing in Texas... the almost complete unpredictability and ever-changing weather and swell patterns of our Gulf surf... made for a quick decision on the beach Saturday morning - BOCA CHICA IS FIRING! The surf had dropped dramatically overnight, with light NW wind and a fun 3-5' NE swell. After a 45 minute scenic drive around to Boca Chica Beach we were greeted with perfect conditions, offshore winds, sunny skies and air and water temps near 70. Before we even hit the surf, several dolphins got the show started by jumping and surfing on big set waves near the end of the jetty all the way to the inside. After a quick water safety talk and some paddling and surf instruction on the sand, then a few starter waves on the inside, we paddled out together into where the best sets were breaking. The few other surfers that were out hooted each of the students as they paddled into their first waves at Texas best winter surf spot. After a full day of great surf and lots of laughs, we loaded up and met back on the Island for a surf dinner party at Tom and Jerry's to wrap up a very special day of surfing!

" I just wanted to thank you guys for a great day of surfing at Boca Chica.
We really ejoyed it. My sister and I learned a lot and we can't thank y'all
enough for that. Even though we only got to surf one day, it was well worth
the drive from Houston. I'm just bummed that the Thanksgiving break is over
and I have to go back to school tomorrow. In a couple of weeks I'll be out
for a month long Christmas break and hopefully it will greet me with some
good surf and weather. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back down
there, whenever that will be, and hopefully running into y'all at the
beach. Thanks again for the awesome day of surfing!! "

* * * North Shore, Hawaii * * *
Guided trip for families or group of up
to 6, September through May

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