INT SOFT SURFBOARDS ABSORB WATER and are waterlogged and useless after only 1 or 2 years use in surfing lessons in our surf school! We thought it important to inform any potential buyers of soft surfboards of the problems we have with INT Softboards.

INT Softboards - heaviest waterlogged softboard ever! With heavy untreated lumber for stringers!

INT Soft Surfboards are decent shapes, but the foam core absorbs water quickly, the foam rots out, and the many different layers of the boards easily come apart. Fin placement is sporadic, and fins break easily and tear out of the board. Logo placement and stamping is sloppy. Stringers??? How about THREE 1-1/2" UNTREATED LUMBER!!! Thats more than a 4x4 fence post inside your board, but with untreated lumber!! What a joke. Jokes on you if you buy them!

INT Softboards are the WORST SOFTBOARDS we have ever purchased in 15 years of business as a surf school.

INT Customer service? Read below.

INT SOFTBOARDS ridiculous unprofessional replies to our complaints that INT Surfboards absorb water:

- "oh, nothing should go in the Gulf of Mexico"
- "how do we know you aren't lying to us?"
- "uh, noone in California has complained"
- We have 3 of your 10' boards that now weigh up to 51 POUNDS!!! Thats nearly double its weight! And an 8' board thats MORE THAN DOUBLE ITS WEIGHT with water absorption! "uh, really, never heard of that"
-When purchasing the boards, when you had experienced knowledgeable staff (Dustin Campbell) he mentioned there might be some problems with the foam not sealing, can you tell me a little about your surfboard blank history? "uh, no, I just started working here" Is there anyone there that has any experience? "I'm the only one here"
- So, who are you and how long have you worked at INT? "uh, I worked here like 8 months"
- Can we speak with Dustin Campbell the owner? "uh, I'll give you his email". "uh, I'll leave him a message" Well, Dustin hasn't worked there for a long time!!!
- So, we have thousands of dollars worth of INT Soft Surfboards that we have purchased from you that are very heavy and waterlogged and useless. We now have to buy lots of new boards. How will you compensate us for selling a defective product? " uh, sorry" No, thats not good enough. "well, we might be able to give you 10% off " Not a chance!!
- We have many BZ Softboards that are up to 10 years old, and still are at original weight and in good condition after lots of use. In fact, we have shelved the INT boards that are 1-3 years old, and gone back to the BZ boards that are more than twice as old!

If you are looking for a soft standup paddleboard SUP, then DONT BUY AN INT!! It has NO rocker and is worthless in the surf.

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Waterlogged INT Softboards

Postby Cold-water-surfer ยป Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:17 pm


I've just bought 2 second hand INT softboards for the family to surf on. They are both really heavy (double the spec weight) and presumably waterlogged. They are ex-hire and will have spent a lot of time in the water and been stored in a metal freight container. The guy at the shop told me that they will dry out if I store them standing up.

Will waterlogging damage the core? One of the boards has a couple of gashes in it which seep rusty coloured water when you press them. Is this a sign of damage? Is there a way to repair/seal the gashes on the foam? Have I been sold some lemons?